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Taking Care Of Business

Creating the right balance

Bitcoin – Will it or won’t it survive?

Because of regulatory pressure in the U.S., much of the Bitcoin
exchange business has moved to Britain, Japan and China, Jered
, founder of Tradehill, the Bitcoin exchange that lost its
bank, said in an interview. LightSpeed Venture Partners, based in
Menlo Park, California, announced on Nov. 18 that it would invest
$5 million in BTC China, now the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange
by volume.

A Big Risk Bottoms Out

China says banks in the country are no longer allowed to trade in
Bitcoin, the digital currency whose value has sharply risen this
year. Chinese citizens, however, are not forbidden from using the

Bitcoin – a form of bartering. NO bank in the world will accept it
and are doing their best to get it banned.


Benjamin Lawsky, the superintendent of New York’s Department
of Financial Services subpoenaed 22 Bitcoin-related companies
this year. In an Oct. 1 interview, he said the “major advantage”
Bitcoin provides is anonymity, a cloak for illegality.

World issues will make Bitcoin a banking problem for some time
to come. If you use it, be aware. You may be working a dead duck.

Server Updates

They can slow your surfing down so don’t lose it thinking
something is wrong with your computer.

Most servers contain an awfully large amount of files. One of them
could be your site.

Our Servers are updated hourly but your site on your domain needs
you to update it every change you make. That was taught to me
when I first started getting into web work. IF my site had a new
page, a new look, a new header, you name it, time to back it up.

Giving that back up a name relative to the change means any
major problems and you are not down or the page in question
gone; you get to go back to before you made the change then
smoothly move forward again.

Reminders RE URL Approvals in 10khits4unow and Clickaholics
YOU approve your own sites. WE approve your banners and text
links. IF your sites are not in rotation, then check your submitted
URLs in MY SITES and take the appropriate action.

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Do Not Give Up Your Dream

Each person I come in contact with, begin to work with, has a dream. As many people, there are as many dreams.

If  the answer to dreams were apples, I would send each one of them a bushel.

That these beautiful people have a dream is almost revolutionary  in our thirsty, money-grubbing world, but that they have sacrificed so much and are willing to sacrifice more builds on my dream to help them, and others, find their path and succeed.

Web or blog what would work best?
There seems to be some confusion between being an entrepreneur or choosing to be a business builder. The thought that building a blog and followers will be the easier choice for selling products and services that interest them.

From the get-go, both need web hosting. So a domain and hosting become the first steps. Sure there are lots of free blogs and places to host them BUT …

The free hosting companies own your work. How? Most do not offer cpanel where you have control. I heard a new person so happy to learn he was the admin of his blog. Green is green and heart ache is heart ache when the bottom falls out.

He wants to monetize his blog. On a free hosted blog that is not kosher. That is where they can and will shut you down.  Search engines do not approve either. Google loves WordPress  but it must  be hosted if you plan on using adsense or monetize it.

Many new bloggers see adsense as a good addition. Even those bloggers with great experience, and adsense aficionados have lost with Google. What chance does a newbie have?

There is a lot to learn to stay with the dream. The skills learned to make the blog work are the same skills to make the web work.

Top MUST is value content in both. Original, continuous content creation. From the get go the positioning has to be Enterprise.

Did I hear you say you are not interested in SEO? I believe the word is TRAFFIC? If your beautiful blog and or web site need both then you need to understand and work Enterprise.

Whichever you decide, blog or website, or maybe both? Do not give up your dream. Be ready to embrace change, welcome it and get ‘er done!

Have a prosperous Thursday.

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