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How To Successfully Fish For Leads

productive meetingsLead generation is and will always be, one of the hottest topics
online or off for that matter. From affiliate to Enterprise marketer, leads determine success. The need for driving more traffic to create more conversions and sales, says it shall be.

Where the 97 Per Cent Hang Out

Are you a member of FaceBook?  I am, we –ViralHost, are. I
spent an hour or so drifting through the different marketing
groups where I bet I met a good deal of those who will never
make a living worth  a lifestyle change online.

Their ads show me first, they are desperately driving for
going the affiliate route. Nothing wrong with that.
Many a dollar is made from sharp marketing affiliates.
However, those sharp marketers were not what I was finding.

At first it was what they were advertising that made me
think they would never make it. A bit more checking and
the problem rose to the surface. They  throw ads out
there like a fisherman standing on shore with no idea
if he is casting to a dry hole. There is a time you
want to be that shoreline fisherman. Will tell you when
a bit later.

Finding a Responsive Fishing Hole

It’s exciting to continually haul in a load of healthy
sounding prospects. When your ad line brings in the
bites you know you are on to something great!

Making Responsive A Problem

Tons of programs out there will teach you how to bring
in new leads hopefully interested in your offers. However,
they stop there at the point of pure acquisition only.
All that work to lose the majority of possible strong
prospects because you only did the first half of Traffic
and Leads Generation.

Why? Because you did not think strategically, about
nurturing those new people with the intent of creating
lifelong customers.

You Need A Customer Relationship Management System

Getting ONE sign up is not exactly successful lead
generation nor is losing 99 out of every one hundred
for failing to implement a simple strategy that should
allow you to keep at least 56 of them.

Here is where some of the market is getting smarter.
They are encouraging you to take out some new
fangled auto-responder and play the pro game of
instant follow up. Is it enough?  You decide.

Tactics, strategies and software are a good part of
the game but just knowing about them is not enough.
Before you can engage in and use any of the above,
you need to assess how you and your enterprise
(business or business association)currently acquire
and manage those leads.

You need to become a ..

  • brand advocate for your referral program
  • consistently produce content about it
  • STOP sending same email to everyone
  • LEARN something about potential prospects
  • Qualify them in your advertising copy
  • Investigate where they hang out.
  • Use a data management system if only spreadsheet

This list will soon have you keeping the cream of your
lead generation growing and continually buying from you.
It is called following up with your new lead.
It is called giving them the same break you found you
needed to create effective lead generation.
It is called completing the lead generation cycle.

While the rest of the uneducated are out there slamming
the waters, you can now safely stand on the shore and
quietly haul in the catch they drove away.

Your editor …

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Do Not Give Up Your Dream

Each person I come in contact with, begin to work with, has a dream. As many people, there are as many dreams.

If  the answer to dreams were apples, I would send each one of them a bushel.

That these beautiful people have a dream is almost revolutionary  in our thirsty, money-grubbing world, but that they have sacrificed so much and are willing to sacrifice more builds on my dream to help them, and others, find their path and succeed.

Web or blog what would work best?
There seems to be some confusion between being an entrepreneur or choosing to be a business builder. The thought that building a blog and followers will be the easier choice for selling products and services that interest them.

From the get-go, both need web hosting. So a domain and hosting become the first steps. Sure there are lots of free blogs and places to host them BUT …

The free hosting companies own your work. How? Most do not offer cpanel where you have control. I heard a new person so happy to learn he was the admin of his blog. Green is green and heart ache is heart ache when the bottom falls out.

He wants to monetize his blog. On a free hosted blog that is not kosher. That is where they can and will shut you down.  Search engines do not approve either. Google loves WordPress  but it must  be hosted if you plan on using adsense or monetize it.

Many new bloggers see adsense as a good addition. Even those bloggers with great experience, and adsense aficionados have lost with Google. What chance does a newbie have?

There is a lot to learn to stay with the dream. The skills learned to make the blog work are the same skills to make the web work.

Top MUST is value content in both. Original, continuous content creation. From the get go the positioning has to be Enterprise.

Did I hear you say you are not interested in SEO? I believe the word is TRAFFIC? If your beautiful blog and or web site need both then you need to understand and work Enterprise.

Whichever you decide, blog or website, or maybe both? Do not give up your dream. Be ready to embrace change, welcome it and get ‘er done!

Have a prosperous Thursday.

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