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Lessons From The Super Bowl

Lesson of the teamsSuper Bowl is over. Sorry if your team got whomped. Sort of one-sided from what I could see. Not being into football, it made little difference except in one respect.

The lesson of the teams.

Never take the competition for granted. And NEVER believe you are so invincible you do not need to keep up with structure and strategy. Bitter lesson for the Broncos and in marketing, those who waltz along like they own the world. Conferences are not for them. Read the comments in Cogs & Logs and see what you have been missing.

Newsworthy Bits For Your 2014 Business Plans

Amazon Fans – experienced the drones yet? You can choose to hate your Postal Service or learn to answer your door a lot quicker. Amazon has partnered with the U.S. Postal Service to deliver your orders – in approximately 30 minutes from the time your order is processed.

Pinterest Grows up?

Are you using their new APIs called Place Pins? They can be used to showcase popular products or to curate top articles and other content from Pinterest on website’s homepage. Best seems to be allowing users to include extra details such as contact info directly within pinned content.  Have you tried it? Share your experiences in a comment here.

Twitter Targets Tailored Audiences

Don’t ever doubt it is all about advertising. That IS where the dollars are to be made. Twitter zeroed in on advertising revenue by introducing new mobile targeting filters allowing advertisers to reach mobile users by device, OS  version and Wi-Fi AND a re-targeting solution dubbed “Tailored Audiences.” As an advertiser, you can define groups of existing and potential customers who have shown interest in your brand or category,recently visiting your website then re-targeting them with ads on twitter.

Small Screen Shopping – Where are your customers? Smart phones and  tablets are influencing consumer shopping behaviors like never before says Adobe who list a 24 percent online shopping set of stats for Thanksgiving weekend – up 118% from just one year ago. Are your websites responsive to these smart phone and tablet users? If not, then time you updated your thinking smarts to take advantage of market share. Your stats do not lie.

That’s it for today. News that  should help influence your thinking on what you need to do to update current websites to fit consumer needs or to design new sites that influence revenue results for this first quarter and on into 2014.

As the CEO of your online business, where does your content fit?

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