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MoneyLegs IS Barely Breathing

The journey that spells success is targeted to winNot the old MoneyLegs. It is gone per se. The script was so full of patches its original support refused to work on it. For all intents and purposes, the old MoneyLegs will now be in new hands with a completely new outlook for the NEW MoneyLegs.

Don’t get all excited yet folks. There are conditions that need to be met. For instance. The original MoneyLegs was a matrix 3×9 matrix. You could join it free and then upgrade with ONE payment. Fill the Matrix and you earned a full year upgrade in SEOSquid or other choices.

NONE of that is being considered at this time. Why? Matrice are now considered virtually illegal. The FCC is watching them carefully as is the FTC. Plus SEOSquid as we all knew it is gone as well.

Many of you are upgraded and still want to be a part of the NEW MoneyLegs. All we can ask at this point, is please be patient. As new information arises, we will keep you informed.

Bit of History re Matrice

A matrix scheme (also known as a matrix sale or site, and as a hellevator, escavator or ladder scheme) is a business model involving the exchange of money for a certain product with a side bonus of being added to a waiting list for a product of greater value than the amount given.  Matrix schemes are also sometimes considered similar to Ponzi or pyramid schemes.They have been called unsustainable by the United Kingdom’s Office of Fair Trading.  A matrix scheme is also an example of an ‘exploding queue’ in queueing theory.

The operation of matrix schemes varies, though they often operate similar to pyramid or Ponzi schemes. Some of the former participants of these schemes consider them to be a form of confidence trick, although others are happy with their purchase.

Currently there are no laws specifically naming matrix schemes illegal in the US. However, the US Federal Trade Commission has issued warnings to the public about these sites. Additionally, the US Federal Trade Commission and the UK Trading Standards have issued warnings to the public regarding the ease with which these models can be manipulated for fraudulent purposes. Many of the original matrix sites, including EZExpo.com, are no longer in operation; some of them closed down while defending civil lawsuits.

Does PayPal prohibit transactions for pyramid, matrix, and multi-level marketing programs? Yes.

Matrix programs – Individuals pay primarily to be added to a waiting list for a product. The individual at the top of the list receives the product only after a set number of people have joined after that individual.

That’s life on the net. For every good idea, some creep has to go undermine the opportunity.

Have a great Wednesday.

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