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productive meetingsMembers get worried when their personal site views are down. Is that you too? Are you looking for a site that will give you MORE personal views?

Good Luck!

Oh they are out there but will it be their pleasure to inherit you as a member? It may be you that needs to do a rethink. Get busy and up your surfing numbers to keep those personal views in line to your expectations.

It really is simple math. IF you surf 50 sites per day then your views will be a number down there somewhere. If
you surf 100 sites per day, you will probably
see your personal site views rise up and be

The issue is, the number of active members who surf daily, vs.
the many who join, have high expectations and do little to
make them happen. Those people can actually affect the number
of personal page views heavier surfers might otherwise have


Storms Take Servers Down

It is the weirdest season for storms of all kinds. As a result,
it is not just hackers we need to be aware of but slow service
and no service as storms take down servers.

A good server supplier has backbone support but even that is
not enough if all areas are hit by violent weather. Patience
and keep alert. You are not the only one losing potential


Relaunches Hit By Weather Too

Imagine the work that goes into changing a Traffic Exchange
from one script to another. Then add the destructive power
of a storm and whatever the image that comes to mind, it
will be 10 times worse in reality.

21stCenturySurf Relaunch News

The lesson of the one brings up our latest news:
21stCenturySurf is in the final stages of being readied for its
move to LFMTE script. Are you ready for it?

Is your account activated? Do you have a good credit stash to
advertise web pages and sites to a new hungry market that
will be joining?

There will be a lot of start up bonuses active surfers will
easily earn. As long as you keep finding ways to increase the
membership roles to increase the growth of this business, we
will find ways to reward you.

Have you made a list of the URLs, banners and text you
currently have listed with 21stCenturySurf? Keep in mind
that your history, credits, etc are migrated but not what you
advertise. You will need to enter each one back in once the
migration is completed.

Heads Up WARNING! There is a new TOS – terms of
agreement you need to be aware of. NO site will be accepted
that breaks that TOS. Notice the disclaimers and earnings
disclaimer updates as well as privacy. We are governed by the
laws of each state and country. So are you!


Thursday Special Webinar.

Topic conversational marketing. Speaker, Dale Thomson. If you
have never heard of it, be in the know. Attend and get the
skinny before it becomes common knowledge. Leverage your
skills and haul in the prospects. See Calendar or scheduler
for details.

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