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How To Follow Up For Profit

Geared to Marketing ResultsWhat do you do when you find out you have a new subscriber? in fact, how long does it take you to realize you may have a new subscriber? Then when you do …

Are you a …

  • will get to it later – never do it?
  • fail to welcome cause don’t know what to say?
  • Jump in with your list of programs?
  • manually add them to an auto-responder
  • Leave them to decide if they want to connect

Suppose you joined a company that is offering a monetary
prize for some action. Suppose that prize is something you can
grant to one of your subscribers.

Suppose you qualified but only have so much time to collect on
the prize before it is awarded to someone else? How can you
stay on top of all these offers?

Mail Call

Email is the bug-a-boo of every marketer. How to handle the
deluge of mail is another topic. However, what you can do
NOW, what you can do EVERY  DAY, is open each mail
account and look for the important mail – such as new

Set a time limit of 20 minutes in order to stay focused.
The more important part follows.

Golden Tip #1

Create an email checklist of the important mail that can and
will affect your daily profits. Think potential income when
doing mail and you will find it much easier to get in, go
down the check list and then get out.

Golden Tip #2

Today, every day, the top priority should be new subscribers.
Learn to use the SEARCH for the programs you work that
might have new subscribers listed in them.

Golden Tip #3

Have a series of welcome emails ready to send. The series
will be named according to where your subscribers may come
from. And the message will be introductory. Who you are and
the role you would like to play in helping them with the
program they joined you in. NO selling anything but YOU as
the prime target for that welcome mail.

Stay In Touch

Referrals are terrific but meaningless unless you stay in
touch. So you really need to create CONTACT FILES. It
doesn’t matter if you use a Palm Pilot, a computerized
contact manager or the old fashioned, original Rolodex

The trick is to filter each entry with a name such as
customers, prospects, ready to close, prospects, and friends.
This method allows you to single out specific groups that
require immediate attention.

Obviously, a good computerized contact manager will allow
both the greater amount of personalized data and the ability
to call up specific groups as warranted.

Last but not least, in this post, stay in touch with your
contacts regularly. They should not be left to gather dust.
At the outside, depending on their rankings, that contact
should fit within every 90 to 120 days max.

Having something to share of value to them, besides the basic
hello, touching base etc; something like a news item, a new
business trend,or something you may have learned or even
created a free report on, is a great way to keep them looking
for your next mail.

Remember, this is a service call. NO sales or product
recommendations. Make your person feel like you connected to
provide value NOT solicit business.

Your business will evolve from what you give. Be generous.
Be open and be honest. Know, like and trust, begins right here.

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Set-Up Strategy for Ka-ching Win



It takes a wee bit of patience to make
sure you are all ready to capitalize on
the results of your actions.

Today is Day Two of the April Referral

If you read yesterday’s mail, (go back and
do it if you have not), then you learned at
least FOUR ways to create Ka-Ching juice
in this contest.

Moving on into follow up …

Time Saver Credits
The whole point of the Monday surf is so
you can spend a good 60% of your time on
marketing. That IS where the income is.

The power house back up was that credit
offer. NO TE ever sells 1000 credits for a
measly sum of $4.95. We did. Very smart
move if you took advantage of the offer. It
won’t be repeated at that price.

Getting set up to capitalize on the contest

You need to make a list of ViralHost three top
specialty pages ~ one for each  ViralHost TE.

List three banners and create three simple
curiosity grabber text ads ~ again, one for each
Traffic Exchange [TE].

Your Downline Subcribers.
Inactives are that way because they need
your advice and guidance. Share these
mails with them. They need to be following
your steps.

Make a list of your top 10 TEs you think are
responsive. Get all three ~ Specialty page URL,
the banner and text ad in each of them.

Assign credits to keep them in rotation.

Do these steps and Ka-ching is bound to be
getting closer. First you need those subscribers.
Working with your downline is your warm
market, even if you have allowed it go grow
cold. Get in touch and keep them in the groove
with your actions.

Monday surf winners are posted in the TE

Have a prosperous Tuesday.

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