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How This Day In Marketing Affects You

Created in the wake of the worldwide financial crisis of the late-2000s,, Bitcoin was introduced 09 as an alternative payment system to paper currencies.

Bitcoins allow users to transfer money over the Internet, with little or no fees.

But Bitcoin, which is not backed by any central bank, has been dogged by wild swings in its exchange value and some very high-profile security breaches. Regulators have also issued warnings about Bitcoin, pointing out that unlike bank accounts …

Bitcoin deposits are not insured by governments. Bitcoin is based on a peer-to-peer computer network akin to those that form the basis of file-sharing system BitTorrent. Holders store their Bitcoins in digital wallets and electronically send them to each other to pay for goods and services.

There have also been some high-profile security breaches in which thieves and hackers have left Bitcoin holders empty handed. The most serious incident occurred when Mt. Gox, a Japan-based Bitcoin exchange that at one point handled 70 per cent of all worldwide transactions, lost about $450 million US worth of the cryptocurrency.


High Level Promotion Tips

Get your site in front of surfers before anyone else. Prominently displayed start pages are affordable low cost advertising to help promote your business.Planning a special event? Book your offer with a one week start page today. The price is purrrfectly reasonable!

Be sure to watch for more special offers. Like the special deals on credit combos, banner and text impressions. Stay on top of these deals. Nothing hurts more than wanting to run a campaign and your credit store is too low to make it happen.

These are NOT OTOs, these are currently daily offers.


Good Days Bad Days Surfing out of whack

The calendar tells the days you can gain the best results for your daily surfing efforts. Inhouse surfs are worth their weight in gold to your bottom line.

  • How are your advertisements working out?
  • What kinds of tests are you running?
  • What about the new script 21stCenturySurf is on?
  • Have you tried start pages, spotlights, jet fuel, and more?

There are basic rules for designing splash pages, Lead Capture pages, landing pages. Each slightly different, each designed to pull new conversions in different ways. Inhouse is a great way to test their pulling power.

Clickaholics is next and almost ready for the new script. So taking advantage now of test opportunities can put you and keep you in the top ranked affiliate positions that means conversions and sales.


When Owners Surf

You surf 50 sites but someone else surfs 100. The pages you see are clean. What about the the next 50?

I surf 200 at EVERY exchange I belong to. Why? I am looking for how wide spread bad pages, porn, misused rotators and more are infecting TEs in general. Many TEs are rampant with bad pages and hidden porn attachments.

Why is my surfing important to you?

Smoooooooth easy clean surfing is our motto. Anything less is not acceptable.


The negative side.

Some members, and owners for that matter,think surfing by admin and themselves are frowned upon by members who may consider them competition for surf prizes.

However, if I surf in their TEs then I am eligible for a prize, unless we do joint surfs. The position, rights and concerns of all involved are not that clear.

So here is my answer to that one.

  • 1. I surf for the above reasons to keep sites clean.
  • 2. I never accept a win but pass it on IF we are in the running to fill out the prize list.
  • 3. Surfing owners know the best way to capture attention and get those coveted prizes, conversions and sales.
  • 4. Pay attention to the amount they surf. That is where you need to be too if you expect action on your pages, banners and text impressions.
  • 5. The best one – in our TEs, match me, pass me and earn an extra surprise bonus.

Every day I surf, I will surf a different amount thus every time it will reflect the reason for the surf and the best way you can benefit from matching or passing me.

Do it and check your wins. It will be announced in the mail that covers that day surf. You are special, appreciated and we have your back.



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