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Time For Mislabled Monday Marketing

Almost everyone hates Mondays. The start of the week that
determines just how successful the rest of your week will be.

Is lack of focus, no idea of intent for today let alone tomorrow,
play a role in the “I hate Monday‘ herd?

AD Sundays For Focused Advertising
The Sunday conference special on ad writing turned out some
happy campers for this week. And NO “I Hate Mondays‘ among

A core group supplied a SWIPE subject Lines file that could
keep an army testing for the next few months. Special thanks to
Dale Thomson,Sharon Ticknor, George Culp and Chris Klasinski
for their diligence in checking their mails for attracting subject
lines. And sharing them with all.

Open and Read Rates The Core
Those subject lines attracted their attention and would cause
them to open and read the mails within.

Would that work for everyone? Of course not! Nor are the exact
subject line content necessarily that good.  That is the point
though. Who would it attract and how can you better your open
rates by improving on them?

One more amazing part, is just how many different ways
working to create good subject lines can be used in other media
forms and to make your daily marketing easier and relevant to
your focused intent.

Mastermind Teams
Have you ever wanted to become a member of a mastermind
team? Has the thought made you wonder, can you, would you fit
in the theme?  What is that word the hit the tv advertising a few
years back, ‘participaction‘?

It may be a bad twist on participation but it did its job. It
attracted the attention of viewers and created a desire to know
more. ONE WORD did it!

Is that all it would take to improve your conversions and sales?

Do you think if you participated in these Sunday sessions you
might find the mastermind team you just know you would fit in
with?  Good question. ONLY YOU can answer it.

Training and conferences ..
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or herd or Tribe ~ whatever makes you feel comfortable in
terminology, and get focused on the power of successful

Have a prosperous surfing Monday.
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