The Symbiotic Relationship Between Browser and User



Don’t be alarmed at some of the issues your
browsers encounter. You need to spend some
time configuring each to work for you. That means
watch out for some of the addons you choose.

Getting to understand the way each browser
you run on your machine works, can create the
best friends symbiotic relationship or the direct
opposite, complaining enemies.

Messages like FF prevented xys from downloading
a file to your computer.” simply means, there was
a download offered by the web page you viewed and
your browser security is set to refuse it.

It is a safety configuration to prevent you from
accidentally picking up a Trojan or malware or
just receiving ‘gifts‘ you did not ask for.

Server not found
Watch out for too many of those. It usually means
your computer needs cleaning of history, cache and
cookies from sites viewed. Cleaning several times per
session on the web is not uncommon, sometimes it
requires you do it even more times.

WATCH what you put in subject lines
If you want a new member to confirm then tell
them for what program. I auto delete any subject
line re confirmation, confirm, commissions etc etc
that do not state sender and/or program.

Skipping Merrily Along
How many TEs do you belong to? Ten? Or 20 or 50
or, heavens, More?  You must be rich yes? No?

Got your will written out? I am foreseeing your poor
fingers surfed to the bone, your hair shock white and
your nerves slave to a pharmaceutical fix on the hour!

Focus Folks!  A simple idea backed by every prosperous
marketer. They work ONE Or TWO good products or
programs at one time. Set them up, work the system,
verify the business model and bank their results every
single day.  Exactly what we are out to teach you to do.

So how many TEs does it take to promote your good
business products? Five in test mode at most.
Consistently working what you have to offer, from
ads to mailings to pages that talk benefits to your
prospective market, you will hear that awesome
sauce ka-ching!

Put our Sunday Conferences on your calendar. Hear
lucky stories of the successful who listen in and test test
test. There is time for your questions, arguments for and
against any systematic strategy you think you can improve.

Mark it on your calendar. Be there! Be prepared to come
away smiling.

Have a super duper prosperous Wednesday!

Work with people who care! #1 in Training & support.
The hosting company with all the right business tools.
Safe, secure, budget conscious. We’ve got your back!

Your editor …

Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse.

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