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Difference between Cash vs. PayoutsTime for some updates.

1. The Summer Extravaganza Contest.
Just like it says, the contest runs for the whole summer. It is probably the longest running Traffic Exchange contest in history.  Which is not a bad idea. Since you are slow catching on, that means whenever you decide to check it out, there it is. Rules, prizes and tons of extras that will not appear in the actual CONTEST page.

What are some of the ‘extras’? How about a 7-second timer to help you build your credit stash faster?  Did you miss the Credit sell back offer?  How about the FREE members from spill over you could have had added to your Accounts?

And the biggy. How about the $1500 still laying there gathering interest? It goes out to EVERY member you get to upgrade. Any part of that $1500 important to you? Imagine what you could use it for.  There is no time like the present to get started.

2. List Building vs. Auto-responders
You can choose to pay for it. $9.95 month for as long as you need it. Starting out is a lot of work. What better way to automate to scale business growth and commission earnings?

OR you can choose a hosting package. There are three that include the Autoresponder so it really depends on how serious you are in building a retirement income, or a business that is your passionate hobby or are you a writer?  Lots of reasons to have a place to store value content that tells the net world who you are.

3. Have you ever wondered if you could make an easy $300- $500 a month without selling your soul?  I showed a contact a way to find the money they need for upgrades. With in THREE hours, they made $42.  Times that by 30 – that’s over $1k per month!  I am thinking they can afford much more than simple upgrades.

4. ViralHost Social Community.
Social communities abound. Many programs have one attached to what they offer to help members centralize and grow at a quicker pace. We have one too. Yup, it is a free membership site, no charge ever. The perks are many from a blog to article posting to  a live chat room where we hold training sessions twice a week and you could use to work one-on-one with your serious people. NOTHING to download, NO special needs but to join it.

5. Specialized Training
What are your skills?  Since early summer, our students have learned all about advertising styles, subject line or header writing and what kind of content pulls in the conversions. On top of that, this last month, every student now has a survey program they can use at will to find out what their market is looking for.  What a time saver. So much easier to bring in the right product or service rather than sell snake oil to allergic prospects. The rest of the month of July and into August will cover solo mails.

We tried a short test training period on solo mails and you need to hear the excited results our students obtained.

Now what kind of summer have you had so far?  How ready will you be for the return of children to school, normal vacation time to be over and grandpa and grandma free again to really pay attention to their financial needs?

The economy is not going to get better folks. So you can choose the loser ‘oh my, what ever shall I do now?‘ attitude or you can get with ViralHost and take a hard look at where you are now and where you intend to be  6 months, a year or two down the line.

This quote sort of sums it up.
“Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

What’s your future got in store for you and how can we help?
Some of the better offers are right above you, listed in this post. Give one or two a shot then get ready for the next step.

Before I forget, tomorrow is typical downline send for your subscribers. How much of the above post are you going to share with them?  Build your Herd with gusto, sharing what you learn that can move them into the winners’ circle. Success can be a fun game if you have a team to help grow along with you.

Till next time …
Your editor …
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