Using Your Blog To Practice Article Writing

quill penWhile the net is an ever changing baby growing by leaps and bounds, keeping you overwhelmed, there is a need for what you know so get a blog going.

I strongly recommend a WordPress PRO blog on your own domain. That is what makes it a pro version. It is also what gains you credibility in the eyes of future viewers.

Definition of Article Writing

Basically, it is the act of writing articles about particular topics, then distributing those articles to a certain kind of site as a way of getting links back to your own site. Article Directories become your best friend as you learn how to produce the articles that create an anticipatory audience.

Watch out here. NOT all links are good links. Search Engines have their own idea of what kind of back links interest them. For now, you are just starting out so take a deep breath and just have fun with the hundred and one ideas you might have in mind for articles.

List Building of a Different Kind

You will need to make a list of the myriad of ideas that come to mind when you are eating, sleeping and mowing the grass. There is no set time or reason for when an idea will strike you so always have a pencil and notepad with you to jot the ideas down as they come to you.

Do you have to be passionate about writing?

You are best to write about things you know. However, there is no reason why you cannot make another list. This time of bloggers or article writers  you can find with  a little research.

Studying the people who are involved in article writing or blogging, is a super idea to fill your brain with instant learning.

Remember though, to create your own style and do NOT plagiarize their work on penalty of copyright infringement. That carries quite the fine and sometimes a jail sentence.

The blog is your notebook on the world. What you see, feel and want to speak about in the written word. It becomes easier and easier with practice. The more you write, the more you will want to write.

Internet Website Value Content

Article marketing can be considered akin to Web content. It works in any niche or industry creating a snowball effect that will lead people back to your site over and over again.

The start of your writing whether blog direct or Article Marketing per se, will probably be available to the public at large. So what you want to do, is create a few entries for viewers to find you while you become comfortable with your style. Then you want to create a subscription page so they can continue to receive your articles.

Now you are list building for loyal customers for the future or  for products and services you have to offer. Why is this form of list building so important?  It will become a top priority in making your business a success.

And yes, the list comes first. You can start a dozen businesses or become an affiliate but the conversions or sales will not roll in unless you have a list to make your offers to.

The idea of FREE usually results in you trading your name and working email for the FREE offer. Whether or not the list you suddenly find yourself on is worth the bother remains to be seen. But it IS the working business model you will use too so make sure what you have to offer is what your list will want.

There is lots of food for thought here to digest. But first stay on track and practice your writing. That is your starting point so get with it! When you have to get up in the middle of the night because some fabulous idea niggles your brain refusing to let you sleep, don’t blame me. You more than likely got bitten by the writing bug. And he is insatiable.

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2 thoughts on “Using Your Blog To Practice Article Writing

  1. Avatarsharon ticknor

    Today I learned something new. Today I tested what I learned.
    Today I came through the valley of frustration and disappointment
    because someone wrote an article on their personal blog that helped
    me understand what I didn’t know. Their blog post over delivered
    sharing links to helpful resources. Today someone made me happy
    because they cared about my online experience.
    Today I dance in sunshine because you cared to share.
    Thank you!


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