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If you’re in the process of finding an appropriate host for
your site, then the question will probably arise, “Why should
I pay for hosting when I can get it for free?”

Free Means …

1. A proliferation of unwanted ads on All your pages.

It’s a trade off for FREE because most free hosts rely solely
on these ads to earn income so very few offer services that
are free of forced advertising.

2. Experience MORE downtime

Downtime is a way of life for many free hosting providers.
The fact their subscribers do not pay for their services
means there is little if any obligation to priority uptime

The fact you may complain means even less to them as you
provide little no benefit to their business.

3. Poor Customer Support

The majority of free hosts don’t have the funds to hire
support teams to look after free hosters.   While you
are checking them out, check the FAQ and see how long or
complete it may be on issues the free host might encounter
for that is probably the only service you are going to get.

4. Limited Space

Those ‘unlimited’ before bandwidth and size that is so
attractive? There is ALWAYS a bottom line to both. If you
are allotted more than 5 to 10MB of space, it will be a
rare happening.

There are lots of reasons why you might easily expand
beyond the allotted size, but to get it, you will have to
upgrade to a paid service.

5.  Restricted Ad Revenues

Recall #1 point? This is how free host providers make
their income so why would they allow you, free hoster,
to become competition?  Business websites cannot exist
without the opportunity to create ad revenues.

6. NO Secure Server Access

NO eCommerce or B2B stores where there is NO secure
servers to enable secure online credit card processing.
Would you willingly give out your credit card information
to a free hosted site offer?

7. File Type Restrictions

We live in a digital age so that means responsive pages
for responders to see your offers. If the navigation on
each page is static HTML, you’ve got big problems. Very few,
if any, free hosts provide SSI enabled servers for free
hosted clients.

8. Long Domain Names

Paid hosts, like ViralHost, allow their customers to use
their own domain names. Thus the length is not a hosting
issue. But free hosts can require you take a subdomain
off the host name.


Blogspot is the company providing the free hosting. Not
exactly professional or easily remembered now is it?

There are a lot more issues to decide. The horror stories
of failed back up of sites, refusal of free host to permit
moving of content; some free hosts stipulate what you put
on that site is their content when you choose to leave.

If you move from free web hosting to your own domain with
paid hosting, you don’t have the capability to upload a
.htaccess file to redirect the search engines and visitors
to your new web hosting space. There is more to .htaccess
but suffice it to say, that after years of building your
website/blog, your efforts will be lost and you will have
to start all over again.

And some day, for some reason, you will choose to leave.
Thus there is no time like the present to understand a paid
host like ViralHost has your back and will protect your site
in all the ways a free host will not or cannot.

Thus free or paid? It’s up to you. Because even if you start
as a hobby blogger, there are solid steps you need to know
about and a paid hosting site can provide you with future
expansion for how you want to use your blog. Stay a hobby
or monetize? So many things to know so many things a free
hosted site will never provide.

Perhaps in hosting, as well as good business practices, it
pays to remember, you do get what you pay for.

As the CEO of your online business, how do you want your
customers to view your website?

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One thought on “ViralHost Paid Hosting – Why Choose It?

  1. AvatarSharon Ticknor

    One more tid bit for you to think about. Many have tried the free route as well and didn’t do so well. The determined chose to support their host and many began to flourish. A host worth having has a support team waiting to teach you what they know. Learn the right skills and one has a new career.
    The people who have gone through the ropes know that working online means supporting one another in all ways. The educated can spot those who are only after taking in without giving anything back.
    Why Viral Host? More because what seems expensive at first becomes a huge time and money saver all around. New skills learned without harming anyone. My bank account tells the story. I came knowing absolutely nothing and pursued a new career with people who really care.



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