Web Hosting Do You Or Don’t You

quill penI don’t think I was on line very long before I realized I needed a web site if I was to stand a chance at building a profitable business within my lifetime.

Fast forward a few years and today provides the certainty that having a website is not as optional as hypster factories would have you believe. In truth, these same nay sayers cannot even afford a few minutes downtime where their customers can’t access their sites.

Where in heaven’s name did you find them? If they need one, if
they have one, then you need one. Feed on that thought for a few

Hosting Needs vs. Priority

What do you need to look for in determining the kind of web site
you need?  If the first thing is price, get off the net. Business
is not for you. At the cheapo prices for those who do not mind
losing months of work, the cost is less than a starbucks a month.

Put price at the end of the list. That is when you get to determine
who deserves your business dollar based on what they will provide
in order to meet your needs.

The killer of most people looking for good web providers is the
unlimited offers for peanuts. Imagine the feeling. You died and
went to heaven.  Then hell smiled back when you ran out of
bandwidth. If the hosting package is not clear, duck and run.

Number ONE should be support

Ask yourself what kind of support you will need? How versed are
you in the tech side to full operational requirements?  The
skills and talents required for running a web site are not that
demanding but they do require you have your head about you. From
down time to email issues, it is nice to holler help and get it.

Parked Domains.

When I got my first web site I bought up the rights to .net, .biz,
.info etc along with my first .com. Man I was flying high feeling
so protected from copy cats. It really did not hurt me other than
the pocket book to do that. One thing it allowed me was the freedom
to develop without someone picking up on my ideas and running with
them before I had the skills to know what I was doing.

Five .com sites later, I realized I was still in the newbie stage
and had better gather my forces and drop the parked extras for a

However, if you are really on the move then you may need to know
you can park domains that will protect your services.

If you chance to notice in your research, that domain endings are
endless then trying to protect your work has to come from a different
end than parking domains.

cPanel a Must

I put cPanel next on the list. Back up of your work is so important.

The horror stories of lost sites, work and files are legend. Worse
than that is the wake-up call when you want to move your hosting
to find out there is NO back up for you. You do not own your own
web work. You have been working off domain shared hosting to save
a dollar and it can end up costing you the farm if you try to move
your website away from them.

Any website is a work in progress. From the start to the never end
of the line, even if you are building to sell, you will be forever
in those pages editing, changing content around and fixing links
and over-sized images so your page loads are manageable. Thus you
need a cPanel that will give you that option.

Backup from the web provider is also a must. What if you
accidentally delete something important that falls within your
back up timing? Lost to the four winds, or recoverable because
your web host provider cares enough to give you the kind of
service that keeps you safe and loyal?

Web Business Tools Galore

Name a tool and my host provider has it right there for me to
use to make sure my comfort and confidence is always in good
stead. Training to use them is also provided.  Thus it is not
the number of tools but the tools you need as your talents and
skills grow. Another reason the right support can never charge
you too much.

Now the good news. How much should you pay for your hosting?
You have a better picture in mind now. You know who you are and
the help you will need.  The right hosting provider will give you
90% satisfaction with the services, tools and support offered. The
other 10% is in your corner choosing the right package and with
the right training, knowing you will soon be covering monthly
costs because you are in good hands.

Your editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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One thought on “Web Hosting Do You Or Don’t You

  1. Avatarsharon ticknor

    How do you view hosting?

    Do you see it as just another expense? Another monthly output that
    has no return?
    Or have you found that special one where all the true meanings of
    working online come together?
    A reliable service where learning and sharing in a friendly community
    actually catapult the paths to valuable products people seek and never find.

    What is that valuable product?
    Too bad when people see hosting through dark lenses.
    It always leaves them as dry as the boxes of programs they push and no one wants.

    How much are you paying for the joy of working online?


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