What Are Cyclers and Matrice To You?

Where desire meets action viralhost.comIf you were a MoneyLegs fan, then you know a matrix had a real value – $950 work for filling a 3×4 forced matrix. Now that meant something!

Matrice today seem to be outrageous in the number it will take to
fill – one drop out you start again. Keeping members active in the
program and ready to promote it is the value of a matrix to the

One company uses matrice – several matrix – each one a 3×2 that
is forced, rolls over to the next step in earning a position in a
parent company. It sounds similar to what MoneyLegs was all about
but value wise is it? Just earning an entry fee in this company set up
may seem similar to contest surfing our Traffic Exchanges to earn a
one year upgrade. BUT the upgrade has a greater long-term value. AND
provides immediate monthly income if you are working it.

Cyclers are another fiasco. In 2004, the FTC made a lot of people
very unhappy from returning income to spending time in jail and
since then the FTC has not changed their position as to cyclers
being legal or illegal.

What is the FTC position on either or both? Do you know? Have
you checked recently?

ViralHost has taken a TOSterms of agreement stance, that both
matrice and cyclers are illegal and will not be acceptable in our
Traffic Exchanges. Where members can approve own sites in both
clickaholics and 10khits4unow, some members try to sneak in the
back door so to speak.

When a member reports them, or our test surfing finds them, they
are history. Come back a second time and you are history for
breaking the TOS.

This is where you weigh in.

1. How do you feel about supporting cyclers and Matrice? And
what is your argument for allowing them?

Please do not insult your intelligence or ours with a naive
statement like ‘well others are doing it’. We are talking law
here and possible fines if we make a wrong decision.

2. Admin has some new ideas on rewards for supporting our
Traffic Exchanges by both using and advertising them to new

3.We are offering several rewards for the best ideas submitted
in writing to support in any of the three Traffic Exchanges on
changes you would like to see made.

We’ll keep this issue short in order to give you time to consider
the questions and get your answers in to us. You can post them
here if you like, or follow the request with thought out strategies
via the support system.  Your choice.

Have a profitable week. Vote for our TEs support the contests and
see you Thursday night or next Sunday to discuss your ideas.

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2 thoughts on “What Are Cyclers and Matrice To You?

  1. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Nearly all the cyclers I have been around are not sustainable.

    So why waste your money?

    They are only here for a little while and then they are gone.

    So best to steer clear of them.

    And always, due diligence is key to any opportunity you may be looking at.

    Study them and see if they are a fit for your business.

    While you are at it, see if our Hosting is right for you as well as our traffic exchanges.

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Yet the net is full of advertisements begging for the next naive
      user to join them so they make $$ of their backs. Amazing!


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