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Power of divide and conquerThousands of websites are powered by ViralHost. Our goal is to triple that amount quarterly. It is a big goal. It can be done. And if it is, then you stand to make a huge income increase.

Part of that sharing profits comes from your being very well informed about ViralHost so that any prospect who asks you any question about how it works, puts them in good hands with you. Are you ready to do so?

Monthly Commission Checks

When you look at your stats and see you are going to receive
a commission check for one hundred dollars plus this month
and every month to follow, then you know you are working for

If you are not already making a monthly commission check then
there has to be a very good reason.

Creating income is easy. You only need three things to make it

  • A product everyone wants or needs
    A capture system

The Product

The product is easy. Everyone needs hosting whether deciding
to be an affiliate or begin the process of creating their own
business via blog or full site.

FREE blogs do not give you the control but if free entices you
then take out a niche package and have a professional blog as
one of your perks. Besides, you need a place to host your pages
and a site of your own is great place to start.

Within ViralHost are several income streams you do NOT pay
extra to advertise and earn from. These tools are what every
marketer will need. If they do not want a website to begin
with or cannot afford one, then being an active promoter of
these income streams will soon raise the costs they need to
upgrade. ViralHost helps provide the focus that makes a huge
difference in wanting the dream and making it happen.

Capture System

A working capture system is to use only Lead Capture Pages
to bring in new sign ups and build a strong responsive list.

Some people will sign up to anything offered. But work it?
That is totally a different story. Why would you want these
lurkers on your lists? By qualifying your people from the
get go, you save time and frustration.

ViralHost provides a LCP – Lead Capture Page for EVERY
income stream that makes up the whole of the opportunity. If
you are not using every one of them then you are leaving a
ton of prospects and dollars on the table for someone else.

Consistent Traffic

Who cares about your web site or your blog? NO BODY unless
you can get the news out there in front of as many eyeballs
as is humanly possible. The lead capture pages are your start.

Getting lead capture pages into as many Traffic Exchanges as
you can is the power of the right action. But which TEs?

Do big numbers resonate with you? The larger the membership
in a TE the better chance you have to hit it big? Good luck!
The larger the membership the more you MUST surf, the longer
period it will take to reach your market if you ever do.

In respect to most TEs, you are a seller selling to sellers.
Not exactly a good position. So what to do?

ViralHost Surf Contests

Check them out. The TEs are relatively new so are the owners
and the members are hungry for what you have to offer. What
better way to test what you know, how to write ads that engage,
create solo ads and test what you are offering?

How much easier can it be to win solo ads, start pages and
huge credit packages without paying for them?

What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the
content of your advertising, not its form. So the art of
writing a good ad is learned. That art will teach you beyond
measure what you need to know that pulls in the conversions
and sales.

Leo Burnett says … “Advertising says to people, ‘Here’s
what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. Here’s how
to get it.”

So if your history is rather lacking, take a serious look
at the smaller TEs. Join up and surf them in the contests.
Win a spot and then take on the task of letting these people
know who you are and what you can do for them.

Current Contest Surf NOW!!

Check the Calendar. Today is CoffeebeanClicks and our own
10khits4unow. Click on NOTES for surf prizes. Surf enough
and you will get a welcome surprise of MORE prizes. With
ViralHost surf contests EVERYONE is a winner.

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Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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