Working With ViralHost Site & WHMCS – Are You Confused?

When desire meets action

It’s a really good deal! Everyone needs hosting either now or eventually as you develop your online interests. So today, you can sign up as an affiliate with and get a $5 deposit in your account to start you off as an Affiliate Entrepreneur.

Everyone signs up as an Affiliate first. Then whether you take out
hosting or not, verbally in reference, WHMCS is referred to as
clients’ area so do not let the terminology buffalo you.

WHMCS [affiliate/clients area]
Your sign up action will bring you a welcome mail from the system,
containing your  email address and your password for access to
WHMCS – the neat program that is YOUR online record to every
action you take financially, with ViralHost.  Sort of one stop
checking of where you stand.

It also provides your NEW Referral ID- ONE link you use for every
action.That in itself will clear confusion. What actions? If you sell
a hosting package or bring in a new affiliate, it is recorded to your
account instantly.

WARNING! To keep your accounts straight, WHMCS system will
send you a daily update mail. When you have nothing on it, no
doubt you will consider it a waste of time BUT once you begin any
action, and you have questions, that update will become an
important part of your daily mail business checks.

Hosting Accounts:
ANY hosting account you choose will bring in a welcome mail from
the system, with your cPanel access in it. Different from WHMCS?
You bet!  Both have top security built in to protect your accounts.
Each provides a separate important business action.

Record Management
Start a folder for ViralHost. Make sure you create a notepad on
your WHMCS and your cPanel information and files then save
them to this master folder, then save the folder and contents,
somewhere safe from hackers. It pays to keep a notebook for all
your login information, profiles and updates on email or ISP user
changes dated for instant finding.

WARNING! Keep both of these links in a secure place as neither
can be found by using ViralHost site for access.

VHResponse auto-responder
If your hosting account includes an auto-responder, then you have
the setup information inclusive in your ViralHost New Account
Information email (hosting account info). If you need more help
then you need to connect with your sponsor and get it set up. If for
some unknown reason, your sponsor is NOT available, then check
with one of the Admin staff and we will help you get it set up.

ViralHost Main Site
What tools will you receive with membership in any of the
proffered  hosting accounts? Your choice gives you perks and benefits,
each one is different from the other. Price point for each package is
set so that we can give you the best service and support that is an
integral part of who ViralHost and Admin associates are all about.

Make a list of those tools in order that you can stay on top of
what information you may need to know to use them. Need help?
Connect with your sponsor or with Admin. We are only a support
ticket away.

The TOP Menu
Check each entry out. Know what it is all about. Make sure you
check the blogs daily. Never know when there will be a new entry
or which blog entry might have the solution that  you need.

The Bottom or Footer Menu
This menu contains all the legal information applicable to both you
and ViralHost. Be sure to read them thoroughly. You will save a lot
of confusion and frustration if you understand each one. is governed by a ton of laws, rules and regulations.
Each of these where and when applicable to you, can be found in
these entries.

This Cogs & Logs News entry is designed to help you use ViralHost
to your best advantage. There will be more and details that you
and your sponsor can work out with tours of your WHMCS account
and your cPanel. If they are not available or feel they need help to
do this then set up an appointment with an Admin member and we will
be right there to help you both.

Please leave your comments and feed back on this post. Whatever
you feel you need answers too that are not covered here or any help
for future problems you foresee.

Also , be quick about linking this blog entry to your next downline
send to your members. NEVER assume they have read this post or are
aware of the income potential it provides them and you as a
proactive sponsor.

Have a super prosperous Wednesday.
Start by surfing to win a FREE solo mail.

Your Editor …
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