Wow 21stCenturySurf is Up and Breaking Records

asteroid to earthHave you tried surfing 21stCenturySurf yet? It’s awesome!

The 21tCenturysurf Daily surfs that will go on until the launch date are a super way to get to know all the goodies that are in your account. And work out any issues. Do be our beta testers and report anything you find that does not appear to be right?

Is surfing up? You be the judge! Check out your standings
AND watch the sites surfed rise with the top five surfers
alone! I checked my page views and in the short 100 sites
I surfed, my pages – all 10 of them were viewed 16 times
apiece and that was before the end of day one

Fast, easy and friendly! That is what it claims and that
is what it is! Your web pages, banners and text ads moved
over but you need to sign in and assign credits to each.

Another plus- the conversions for each form of advertising
are automatic! Watch what it says the value per credit is
for your membership level.

Good time to upgrade?

Now is the time for all good marketers to reap the benefits
of new advertising and promotions that will bring in the sales
and conversions. How can you improve your end results?


Record Keeping is Good Time Management

Sunday conference attendees learned how to set up a basic
record and what information needs to be inclusive with every
Traffic Exchange you join.

Thursday, you can catch up as you get tips and the first set
them up on a spreadsheet. Use or have MS office?
Then you have a spreadsheet set up. If not, we have a perfect
sheet, with titles etc already set up to save you both time
and make the learning experience a breeze.

Topic leader – George Culp.

Watch your mails for the link to enter our new FUZE room.
Times change and having the best way to protect you and
keep you in a good working environment begins with Fuze.

Work times vs surf times

Getting up an hour earlier and hitting the surf bar can earn
you tons of extra credits and keep you in the top five for
all surfing members to see.

Do you prefer to do business with people you can see are
continuously active? Make sure your actions keep you where
you can be seen.


Todays Promo code: 21stcsPromo100

They are a new way to benefit again from surfing site
minimums. You will find them posted in each days mail
Use them and when done surfing, don’t forget to claim
your surf rewards for the day.

Relax – Play Hangman

Every so many sites, up will come this all-time favorite
game, but it is a wee spot different. Try it, you’ll like
it! And come surfing back for more. What do you think of
those prizes each correct guess awards you?

Bookmark the Calendar

Cross promotions with other TEs is a great way to build
your downlines and to increase exposure to a targeted market.

Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming surf dates and be
a winner – join in and surf!

HEADS UP! re the changeover presents new issues but one that
will benefit you greatly if you are as wise as we know you
are. Virtual Income is a term used to cover any form of dollar
and cents you earn surfing, contests, promos etc. It’s whole
value is that you can spend it on credit purchases and upgrades
in particular. It does not fall into commissions earned thus
is not a payout feature.

Check your account for the earned income that shows and make
sure you invest that total before Tuesday, July 15, 2014
when your account balances will move to zero. IF that money
was earned from commissions it will show.

Read the TOS – Terms of Service [agreement] as to who can
earn real commissions payable to all members based on each
membership level. And the payout dates.

We want to give every new member an opportunity to upgrade.
We know you cannot all afford to – times are tough.

Thus you can earn it via surfs and referral contests and
credit sales and upgrades and more.

The difference is the bookkeeping we had vs. the bookkeeping
e now have that shows you exactly what you have earned and how.

21stCS Daily Surf Promo

Have you surfed your 100 sites in 21stCenturySurf today?
Don’t miss out on all the surf bonuses. Get ‘er done! It will
fast become your daily smile.

Last point: Verify your login and your referral URL and the
new promo materials. Do BE and BE seen! Promote for income.

Patience as George and Mike work out the bugs in the
changeover. Some menu items may not work – report them
please and they will get it fixed.

Join 21stCenturySurf and see, the potential is huge for
those serious marketers smart enough to take advantage
of what it offers. Here is your chance to get crystal clear
on how to crush the neverending need for targeted traffic!

maredsmallma_smallYour Editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with Finesse

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Fran – franniec41
Skype: fran.klasinski
George – gofermatch
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Sharon – sharon.ticknor
Skype: sharont42
Mike – mjeter45
Skype: Michael.Jeter51
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