You and Me And Three Traffic Exchanges

Geared to Marketing ResultsThe world of advertising moves  faster than you and I can keep up to on our own. Thus you and me and traffic exchanges that dot the internet, are caught up in a crazy circle of which one to join, which one to test, which one to drop.

NEW Cogs Contest Update calendar

when you go to read this blog entry, then look at the top menu
above the heads. Simply click on the Cogs Contest Update link
and the calendar will load for you. IF you are on a smart phone,
then click on the mobile version.

Right now it shows the balance of this week and the
first week of April listed  surf contests. This
begins the issue of what TEs to join when you are
not a member but love contests.

Join ALL of them.

Dumfounded, after talking with a contest lover who
has joined hundreds of TEs, I am left to ponder
this comment.

I will try to quote it as they gave it to me. “Oh
I don’t surf them all. I join for the contest and
surf to win. I may never use that TE again.”

If you are a contest surfer only then the answer is
pretty obvious from this comment as to the action
you need to take. Join them all!

ViralHost Traffic Exchanges

This week I began a test providing
each of our TEs for your surfing privilege. NO
contest with others just you and your loyalty to
surfing each one to make a bigger difference.

Here is what I found.  Surf minimum 100 – easily done – maybe
20 minutes max for that TE.   The surfing numbers increased.

Top five prizes based on TE needs of credits, banner and text
impressions.   Check your account. Most have zero banner and
text impressions converted to cover promotions.

The facts were pretty astounding so I added the next top five to
the runners up awards. These were banner awards. Now a bunch
of empty accounts have a start.

I will post more on this idea as it will be tested again. Watch the
calendar if you just want to surf ours one at a time and possibly
rank as a winner of an award.

Do have to warn you though. I want to award all surfers
DOUBLE the credits they surf on these days. Thus bot
and fast browser surfers in the thousands will lose as
they should. These people need to read the TOS.

The bonus awards will be categorized and the awards will
be set up to match your efforts. ANY surf total below 100
sites surfed will earn banners or text impressions. This
group will comprise the Runners Up.

Thus once, maybe twice each month, you will have the time
to be a focused surfer intent on building the credits you
need for your promotions to be viewed by all our surfing

Let me know how you feel about this idea. You ARE the
surfers we respect and listen to. YOUR feedback will
determine how often we do this. Once a month? Twice? Or
perhaps even Daily?

Then of course you do have the FREE upgrade contests way
to learn what each of our Traffic Exchanges has to offer
you and how responsive they can become because of your
continued action. TRAFFIC Folks, its all about TRAFFIC!

Check the Newsletters for contest update winners. Will
you be on those lists? Maybe next time?

Good luck!

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