Your Path To Cash

p_133Get the feeling, some days it would be better to hide your head under the pillow and say to heck with facing another ‘great idea’ day on your friendly Internet?

First, the Internet is no longer friendly, if it ever was.  Between scammers and hackers and somebody mad at the world, you get caught in between trying to find the path that says  ‘This deal spells cash!’

Tread carefully and learn the power of due diligence to save your
butt from one more loss. Learn how to avoid the charlatan advertiser.

Everything starts with an Idea but …
This is where people fall into the trap of thinking  ‘wow I got the deal
of the century and it is all in my head!’

If you have an idea that sounds that great to you, create a landing
page. Get the idea out there and presell the results BEFORE you
go nuts on creating something no one wants.

Get the idea out of your head and onto paper. Set it up with what
got you all excited and be prepared to toss it just as fast if your
presell landing page flops.

Fear equals stupid for bad decisions

This is the starting point for too many people. How can you create
success in anything built on a fear-based foundation? If you are
not doing any of the above suggestions, you are too often extending
failure time NOT creating the path to cash.

Stand up for you first. Your belief in your idea  should outweigh
all other ‘what if’ objections. If your belief is not that strong then
seek the insights of someone you trust who has done something
similar to your idea or understands path to cash success.

Don’t expect them to do your deal for you. Expect them, at best,
to help you find your feet and the strength to move your idea into
the deal for cash you envisioned.

Have a profit creating Thursday
Your Editor …
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5 thoughts on “Your Path To Cash

  1. AvatarSherry

    I started out last November peeking at online ventures
    ….. this spring I got hit with cancer. .. so my efforts are fiscally minimal
    This has been a crummy year so far
    All I want is to enjoy life…
    And free ads are such a slow process.. sigh

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      So sorry re your health Sherry. I am a cancer survivor, know it can be beat so hang in there. FREE ads can be powerful if you tackle them the right way. There are quite a few millionaires out there on line who swear they never paid a penny for their advertising. Take heart girl. Maybe one of your ambitions should be to study advertising and test the waters from what you learn. We are here to help if you need it. Just holler.


  2. Avatarsharon ticknor

    First off I wish to say thank you Fran for your writings.
    It’s been years of article after article filled with advice that
    hopefully get people thinking and moving in better directions.

    You have been true to your online name Warriorlady!
    And what a struggle it has been at times.
    The struggle comes when people have the wrong idea of what working online is really all about.
    Seems every step has two choices.
    One way dictates entering into a fog of uncertainty. The path takes hold of the lack of knowledge and trust and through the most difficult of struggles brings the subscriber through the fog with something wotrth more than money can buy. Who would ever be foolish enough to enter into a fog when they cannot see where they are going?
    The hungry warrior of course.

    The seemingly brighter side requires entering into a boxed structure where the
    buyer just unpackes the crate and advertises like a madman hoping to build that list with ready made products and materials. This sounds good so why not throw it out there and see who wants it. In the world of advertising gimmicks and word
    twisting it certainly takes a keen eye to know the difference between truth, half truth and just plain error.

    What answer do you want to hear when you ask, “Where’s the cash”?

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Thanks Sharon. Some days the well seems to run dry but a few minutes
      replaying time with wonderful people like you and the writer’s pen
      writes on its own

    2. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Do you think the ‘foggy whiners’ ever find their cheese?

      Meantime the warrior understands cash follows action.
      Thus the only answer for those demanding “Where’s the cash?”
      is obviously where is the action?



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