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Real Results Start With Email Marketing

Where desire meets action viralhost.comIt’s the first of the week for some programs and owners are posting reminders. Come see what is up. For ViralHost members, the Sunday Conference is the first day of our busy week and members who attend get the heads up and skinny on how to make the subject matter work.

New Subscribers mean …

How do you follow up with a new subscriber? What structure do you provide them to get them creating income they look for right away?

ViralHost provides income opportunities other programs only dream about. A few may benefit if they understand their systems and dig in. With ViralHost EVERY new person is on the income trail IMMEDIATELY they connect with their sponsors. No one is left out and NO one need feel frustrated at their results.

Did you miss the news of the Sunday conference? Ah well, then make a point to attend Thursday night when the call to action from Sunday conference will be in full swing.

Viral Mailers

Feelings and feedback say a lot of people are not very happy with them in spite of what is claimed. That not every Viralmailer is going to work like the one before or after has to be a given as well. The major variable is the human factor.

  • What do you know about viral mailers?
    What do you have to do to make them work?
    How responsive are they?
    How many mails out create how many in?

Lots of questions that need answers. Give us your feedback.   Which ones are your favorites and why?

Reading blogs, newsletter and Admin Emails

A large segment of Traffic Exchange users are gamification puppies.  They are hooked and seemingly enjoying every minute of them.

A smaller segment are serious marketers looking for ways to improve their time allowances to even be on line and how to organize their work loads in order to leverage income potential.

Sometimes it pays to get back to basics. Stop what you are doing right now. Get off the vicious circle and change old habits that just do not spell profits.

Perhaps a little light reading is in order? Back issues of the Cogs & Logs News that earn you credits; newsletters to see if you won in the contest or came into some spillover; Admin emails for referrals and referrers. Lots of good habits can come from a little reading.

Sometimes the best income potential lie waiting for you to discover them. Share your findings with your subscribers. Take a tour of what you missed and get yourself on track for steady income earnings.

Summer is almost over and so is the contest. If you are taking full advantage of the summer offers then you are in good shape for a prosperous fall season. If not – time is passing. It really does wait for no man.

Does it have to be Blue Monday? Post a comment on how you make Monday the power starter of your week.  Is it?

Your editor …

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