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Increase Sales & Conversions Get Your Banners Out There

pointsettiaWho else has a desire to learn responsive and effective advertising that has been proven to work?

It is so easy! This is your chance to grab some guaranteed visitors
by using our Viral Traffic Tools without it costing you so much as
one penny.

If I have said it once, I have repeated it enough times to earn me a
spot in Guiness Records Book ~ Get a banner out there with every
URL you submit for promotions.

In fact, boost the conversion ratios by some 300% by adding a text
link. Now how many times have you heard me say this? Well a few
TE owners are advertising it so what is holding you back?

Exposure Exposure Exposure!

That is what makes banners work. It’s the perfect solution for dead
URLs that just sit there on the wrong traffic exchanges eating up
your credits.

By combining your URLs with a Banner and a text link, you give
your site MAJOR exposure. IF a TE allows you to enter the same
URL more than once then back it up with another banner and text

Saving You Time And Money

Using the START PAGE and SOLO ADS increases your chances of
earning more conversions and ca$h. Sometimes you have to spend
a nickel to earn a dime.

If making money is your champion cry then get with the program.
Start using the tools we readily supply and get your promotions out
there for a hungry market to see and recognize YOU as the

Get the Advertising You Deserve

Use each of the ELEVEN different ways provided in the TOOLS
page to move your opportunity and make double sure you let the
people who have joined/subscribed and become your downline
know all about them too. They are your hot market because you
have them as signed up interested partners. Don’t let them down.

Once you are all set up with your URLs, banner and text ads, then
think about improving the conversion ratios one more time using
ProTrafficFunnel links to give that professional look to your
advertising. It’s FREE too! And it hides those ugly long links.

Just one more tool ViralHost income streams provide you with to
help guarantee your success!

To your success

Your Editor …

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How To Think & Grow Rich



How To Think & Grow Rich

Good book to read. If you do not have it
let me know. It should be in your pdf files
on on your bookshelf.

Are your principals of success similar?

“Those that are succeeding and are thrilled and
      joyful in the unfolding will often tell you, “I’ve
      dreamed this since I was little. I imagined it, I
      pretended it, I used to practice with the hairbrush
      pretending it was a microphone.” Purity is the
     alignment of energy. Doesn’t matter what anybody
     else thinks about anything. It only matters what
     you think about it.”     Abraham

Every little girl’s dream to be the beautiful singer and
every boy’s to be the swashbuckling hero.  You can dream
but you cannot copy their fame.

Some of the greatest ideas came from the first few moments of
taking the first step.

People who have taken the time and effort to master their crafts
rarely get frustrated working.

So it is time to take stock:

  •     How many referrals this week
  •     You connected with them as well
  •     Everyone has followed you into ViralHost
  •     You showed them their income potential

How many Traffic Exchanges are you promoting in?

  •     The specialty pages are in …?
  •     The banners are in ….?
  •     You have text ads in ….?
  •     You shared this with your subscribers

Remember, the designer of their craft know time is of
the essence and each hour wasted is a day’s loss in pay.

Improve your branding by connecting with Sharon
Ticknor. Spend a Saturday night or set up a time that
better fit both your schedules, and move ahead with
your promotional materials. Ask Sharon about the
Lead Capture Pages that can turn your prospects into
subcribers to your lists.

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Looking for your contest pages. 500 credits up for

BANNED members cannot win contests. Watch out
and read that verification page. Be rewarded for doing
so. It is not an ‘oh well’ it is a MUST to click.

How many new members will you bring to the Sunday
night conference? Bonus Credits on tap then too.

See you Sunday Night for an exciting adventure in
solutions that create prosperous bank.

Have a prosperous Weekend.

ViralHost.com Admin
Work with people who care! #1 in Training & support.
The hosting company with all the right business tools.
Safe, secure, budget conscious. We’ve got your back!

Your Editor …
Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
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